MEDICAL SECRETARY Urological surgery:

  • +377 97 98 95 84 (Dr Hervé Quintens)

Visceral surgery:

  • +377 97 98 95 59 (Dr Chazal)
  • +377 97 98 95 37 (Dr Perrin and Dr Missana)
  • +377 97 98 95 41 (Dr Nardi and Dr Ambrosiani)
  • +377 97 98 83 67 (Dr Gavelli and Dr Marmorale)

Gynaecological surgery:

  • +377 97 98 95 28 (Dr Raiga)
Pathologies treated The Centre Hospitalier Princesse Grace has acquired a Da Vinci robotic surgical system (made by Intuitive Surgical). It is used for urological, visceral and gynaecological surgery.
Robot-assisted surgery represents a major step forward for surgery in the 21st century, in the same way as coelioscopy 20 years ago.image1What is robot-assisted surgery?The Robot is a piece of equipment comprising three parts: a control console, a video column and articulated arms which “operate” on the patient.
From a seated position alongside the patient, the surgeon manipulates the controls and his or her movements are then reproduced seamlessly by the robotic arms, which remain completely steady with no trembling. The surgeon can control the instruments, move the camera, trigger coagulation… The instruments, which are entirely under the surgeon’s control, are articulated to allow access to hard-to-reach areas, ensuring maximum precision. They are inserted into the patient’s abdomen through small incisions.
This technological advance ensures:> an exceptional three-dimensional view through two juxtaposed cameras
> greater precision with the ability to manipulate instruments on six axes
> exceptional, safer access to operating sites often difficult to reach in conventional surgery.
Information Operations with the Da Vinci surgical system: improved patient well-being
> Less invasive, less traumatic surgery.
> Faster post-operative recovery.
> Smaller, even invisible scars.
> Fewer post-operative complications and infections than with conventional operations.
> Lower blood loss during surgery.
> Less surgery-related pain, leading to less need for analgesics.brochure> Lower risk of surgery-related sequelae. All of these advantages also reduce the length of the patient’s hospital stay. Download the brochure on ” Robot-assisted Surgery “

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