Accommodation for Friends and Family

A family member or friend may be authorised to stay with the patient, on payment of the “Hébergement accompagnant (“Accommodation for an accompanying person”) package. If you choose this option, a private room will be provided, for which a charge will be payable, in addition to the accommodation charges, except in certain cases (outlined below).

Two levels of pricing apply to this package, depending on whether the person uses a folding bed or a hospital bed (in the latter case, the accompanying person may be requested at any time to give up the accommodation if the state of health of a patient admitted to the hospital means that bed is needed). This package includes the following:

  • use of a hospital bed or folding bed
  • breakfast in your room

Family who have paid the hosting package may have lunch and / or dinner in the room. Meals are charged in addition to the accommodation package.

The Centre Hospitalier Princesse Grace is pleased to offer new fathers a meal served in the new mother’s room.


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