MEDICAL SECRETARY+377 97 98 97 69

Paediatric emergencies: +377 97 98 95 33

FAX+377 97 98 98 00

Please note that these emails are not intended to receive requests for medical advice and they don’t substitute a medical consultation.

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Opening hours24 hours a day
Head of ServiceProf. Yann-Erick CLAESSENS
Pathologies treated
  • 24 hrs a day, the Accident & Emergency Department treats adults for medical, psychiatric, surgical and traumatological emergencies.
  • The Paediatric Emergency Department also treats all child pathologies, with the exception of traumatology, which is treated in the Adult unit.
  • This department does not provide scheduled consultations. For all non-urgent cases, contact your doctor first. He or she is best person to advise you.

At night, at weekends or on public holidays, dial 141 to find out which doctors and pharmacies are on duty or open in Monaco.

  • SMUR (Mobile Emergency Unit)

The SMUR (Mobile Emergency Unit), which is part of the Accident & Emergency Department, works closely with the Monaco Fire Department. Its role is to provide medical treatment to patients in vital distress outside the hospital.

  • Waiting to be seen in A&E

In principle, patients are seen on a first come, first served basis, but this general rule may be set aside if a patient arrives requiring immediate medical attention.

The time necessary for examinations and consultations may lengthen your stay in A&E.

The staff will keep you and the persons accompanying you informed.

Waiting times always appear too long, but it is important to remember that the staff do everything they can to keep them as short as possible, with the priority always being patient safety.

  • Discharge from A&E

After receiving initial treatment, your doctor will inform you of the results of the medical assessment and may decide to keep you in hospital.

  • If hospitalisation is necessary:

You will be accompanied to the department that will be treating you. If the department does not have a room available for you immediately or if you are likely to be in hospital for less than 24 hours, you will be temporarily accommodated in the A&E Department’s Short Term Hospitalisation Unit.

  • If hospitalisation is not necessary:

When you leave the hospital, the healthcare team will provide you with useful information and documents for treatment and follow-up care (prescriptions, certificates, appointments for consultations, etc.).

We recommend you attend any appointments. They are necessary for monitoring your state of health.

  • Minors

When a minor is admitted to Accident & Emergency, he or she may only be discharged with the consent of a parent or legal guardian.

  • Medical and surgical emergencies, adults and children.
  • M.U.R.: Specialist Mobile Emergency Unit.
  • U.H.C.D: Short-Stay Inpatient Unit (8 beds)
Medical team

Head of Service

  • Prof. Yann-Erick CLAESSENS

Deputy Heads of Service

  • Dr Frédéric BROD
  • Dr Jean-Philippe LATERRERE

Staff Physicians

  • Dr Catherine BAUDIN
  • Dr Nathalie BEAU
  • Dr Sandrine CARUBA
  • Dr Xavier MAGDELEIN
  • Dr Emmanuelle MOLINATTI
  • Dr Julien NADAL
  • Dr Naibiha SALHI-LIOMAIN
  • Dr Eric THIERY
  • Dr Elsa FERRETTI
  • Dr Marc SAUVAN
  • Dr Thomas RIQUE
  • Dr Thomas MALLET-COSTE
  • Dr Mélanie MACCHI
Paramedical team

Senior Healthcare Executive

  • Sophie ALBERTINI

Healthcare Executive

  • Michel MARIN


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