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Pathologies treated The Support and Palliative Care Service aims to promote the best possible quality of life through adapted and personalised comfort care for patients treated at the CHPG for severe pathologies.

It has three sectors:

  • A Support and Palliative Care Hospitalization Unit:

This four-bed sector receives patients treated at the CHPG with serious or progressive pathologies and presenting significant physical or psychological suffering. The staff is specifically trained in complex care. The care is carried out with respect for the patient and is adapted to the needs of each individual. Patients and their families are supported on a daily basis. The most modern treatments are used to provide comfort and reduce pain.

  • A Mobile Palliative and Supportive Care Unit:

Doctors, nurses and psychologists intervene in the CHPG’s departments to provide expertise and assistance in improving the quality of life of hospitalized patients with serious illnesses.

  • Support care professionals (psychologists, dieticians, nurses, socio-aestheticians) are available to cancer patients undergoing outpatient treatment (chemotherapy, radiotherapy), in order to improve their quality of life
Medical team

Staff Physicians

  • Dr Alexiane DECORBEZ
  • Dr Pierre-Henri JACQUIN
  • Dr Amélie MARREC-GAC
Paramedical team

Senior Healthcare Executive

  • Mr Jean-Charles MANIE

Healthcare Executive

  • Mrs Michèle GROSSI


  • Mrs Marie-Josée CAMILLERI
  • Mrs Karen HAZAN
  • Mr Marc MIGLIORE


  • Mrs Isabelle RUSSO

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