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Pathologies treated Oncology
Consultations Consultations :

  • psychologist,
  • dietician,
  • social worker,
  • touch massage nurse®
  • physiotherapist
What the unit does
  • The Oncology Coordination Centre identifies the priority strategies for implementing the 1st and 2nd line cancer plans at the hospital.
  • Organising and scheduling medical meetings with the various partners involved in decisions on treatment. Multidisciplinary Consultation Meeting (RCP in French). There are four RCPs at the CHPG currently – General oncology, urology, gynaecology-mammary, haematology.
  • Developing communication resources: providing information, supporting patients and offering supportive care.
  • Organising consultations with the psychologist, social worker, dietician and touch-massage nurse®.
  • Implementing the personalised care pathway (PPS in French): the PPS is a document summarising the planned programme of treatment identified following consultation between specialists in the various disciplines concerned.
  • Liaising with associations, acting as a point of contact and a source of information for patients with the creation of a patient reception area.
  • Helping to produce reference documents outlining best practices in oncology
  • Developing clinical research in the oncology field
Medical team

Supervising Physician:

Paramedical team

Senior Healthcare Executive : Mme Christine RIPOLL

Healthcare Executive : Aurélie SARTOR

Secretary : Nathalie BLONDEAU

Special provisions
  • Cross-disciplinary structure providing care for oncology patients and in care units treating these patients.
  • Member of the regional oncology network “ONCOPACA Corse”
  • The supportive care provided by the CHPG is not limited to the 3C team. Please contact our medical secretary, if you have any questions.

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