• Dr Karim HASNI

• Dr Karim HASNI

MEDICAL SECRETARY +377 97 98 97 71
+377 97 98 97 72
Fax +377 97 98 97 51 (Hospitalization service)

+377 97 98 97 32 (Consultation service)

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Head of Service Pr Atul PATHAK
Pathologies treated The cardiology department currently comprises three units:

  • An inpatient unit called “Cardiologie II Jean-Joseph Pastor”
  • An intensive care unit
  • A cardiac function tests unit

The department performs a public service role, with a consultant cardiologist on duty at all times. It is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, providing medical, nursing and inpatient accommodation services for patients.

The pathologies treated vary according to local needs, and the department specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of heart rhythm disorders.

• It provides technical care, care in personal hygiene and comfort, and offers educational and relational assistance, while providing training for its interns.
• The department also regularly hosts medical research activities. Many of its publications appear in French and English-speaking medical journals.  It also organises medical conferences on a regular basis.
•It also liaises with other hospital departments and the technical and medical-technical services.
• The department works with the social services and external institutions (regional hospitals, rest homes and convalescent homes).

Medical team

Chef de Service

  • Pr Atul PATHAK

Chef de Service Adjoints

  • Dr Khelil YAÏCI
  • Dr Naïma ZARQANE
  • Dr Gabriel LATCU

Staff physicians

  • Dr Silvia PERLANGELi
  • Dr Nazih BENHENDA
  • Dr Elena Magdalena DUCULESCU

Occasional Physician

  • Dr Bogdan ENACHE

Contractual Staff Physician

  • Docteur Lucia Maria ROATESI
Paramedical team

Senior Healthcare Executive:

  • Mrs Christine RIPOLL

Healthcare Executive Care Service :

  • Mrs Virginie JOURNOUD

Healthcare Executive Intensive Care and Testing :

  • Mrs Natascia ARAB
Information Additional information:

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