The CHPG (incl. the CRIII)

General Presentation

The Centre Hospitalier Princesse Grace offers comprehensive, international-standard care thanks to the quality of its medical staff and cutting-edge facilities in a range of medical specialties. This excellence recently saw the hospital awarded the highest level of certification by the healthcare authorities*.

  • 21 medical specialties,
  • Expertise in screening and detection of cardiovascular pathologies and certain cancers before the appearance of symptoms, allowing the earliest possible treatment
  • Multidisciplinary medical and surgical activity, and a high quality anaesthesia-intensive care department
  • Exceptional technical facilities:
    • IRM, diagnostic and interventional scanner, ultrasound, cardiac and vascular Doppler echo, scintigraphy, PET scan,
    • Gastrointestinal, bronchial, and urological endoscopies
    • High level cardiac electrophysiology room (the only centre in the France-Monaco zone equipped with a UHD cardiac cartography system)
    • Da Vinci surgical system
    • Oculometry (eye tracking) as an aid to diagnosing cognitive pathologies (the only centre in the region equipped with this device)
    • Cutting edge biological laboratory
    • Functional exploratory procedures for respiratory, cardiac and other conditions.

* The French Haute Autorité de Santé (National Health Authority) has awarded the Centre Hospitalier Princesse Grace grade A certification “without reserve or recommendation” (the highest grade awarded to healthcare institutions).

This establishment was fully certified by the Haute Autorité de Santé (National Health Authority) in 2015.

While this certification is mandatory for healthcare institutions in France, it is optional in Monaco and the Centre Hospitalier Princesse Grace has chosen to obtain certification on a voluntary basis entirely, as it previously did in 2007.

This particular certification is based on an extremely rigorous V2014 benchmark, and reflects the high standards of quality and safety of care provided by our hospital.

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