MEDICAL SECRETARY Secretariat for consultations at the Rainier III Centre: +377 99 99 55 77
Care unit Denis Ravera Unit – 1st floor : +377 99 99 55 67

Long Term Care Unit – 2nd & 3rd floors : +377 99 99 55 58

Long Term Care Unit – 4th and 5th floors : +377 99 99 55 37

Geriatric Aftercare and Rehabilitation Unit – 6th floor : +377 99 99 55 12

Acute Geriatric Department (Short stay) – 7th floor : +377 99 99 55 02

Executive Officer : Mr Guillaume SOCCI
Head of Department Dr Sandrine LOUCHART de la CHAPELLE
Pathologies treated The Rainier III Centre offers a graduated response to geriatric care needs, whether elective or unscheduled. The inpatient geriatric services also provide palliative care and care for Alzheimer’s patients, and contribute to care for geriatric oncology patients.

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Activities Mezzanine floor

> Geriatric consultations for evaluation and orientation
Geriatric consultations provide a rapid, specialised medical opinion, and allow patients to be oriented to the appropriate care pathways. They also offer an opportunity to evaluate patient dependency, arrange check-ups, prepare for transfer to a care home or other institution, and provide a rapid expert opinion in the areas of geriatrics, internal medicine, health education and infectiology using a tool known as the comprehensive geriatric assessment.

> The Memory Centre
The Centre assesses and monitors cognitive disorders, through a multidisciplinary team working with the hospital’s technical support structure and the clinical research unit.

> The Clinical Research Unit
The unit manages clinical trials in geriatric medicine and Alzheimer’s research. It aims to provide local patients with the latest therapeutic advances.

1st floor

> The Cognitive Behavioural Unit for safe and secure treatment
This unit is dedicated to people with orientation difficulties, and/or with behaviour requiring an environment that allows them to move freely while ensuring their safety. The multidisciplinary team is organised to allow both psychological and behavioural issues, as well as geriatric medicine problems, to be treated in a single place and during a single hospital stay.

2nd-3rd-4th-5th floors

> Long Term Care Units for a quality hospital stay
These units host patients who have experienced a significant loss of autonomy and/or are affected by chronic (degenerative neurological disorders, stroke) or non-stabilised illnesses, requiring significant medical and technical care over long periods in hospital.

6th floor

> The Aftercare and Geriatric Rehabilitation Unit for on-going care
Following surgery or hospitalisation for medical problems, patients often require on-going care once acute treatment has been completed, or rehabilitation to allow them to return home. Guided by a personalised care plan, a multidisciplinary team will ensure you are taken care of.

7th floor

The Acute Geriatric Department for a comprehensive approach to elderly patients
The department treats patients arriving from their homes, from A&E, or from other departments at the hospital, for scheduled or unplanned stays. This acute care unit works directly with the mobile geriatric team, other hospital services and home care organisations. Its work is particularly aimed at elderly patients with multiple pathologies, treatment of infectiology and geriatric syndromes, and also neurological and vascular conditions.

> The Mobile Gerontology Unit
The unit develops cross-disciplinary expertise in the geriatric field, offering support to the hospital teams for assessing needs and determining therapeutic strategies.  It relies on the existence of an active geriatric short stay.

What the unit does The RAINIER III Clinical Gerontology Centre is the cornerstone of a vast gerontology project introduced by the Prince’s Government since 2003.

It provides care tailored to meet healthcare needs, including in the area of prevention. The Centre cooperates closely with the Monaco Centre for Gerontological Coordination, the Speranza-Albert II Centre, and the Principality’s retirement homes (the A Qietüdine and Cap Fleuri Residences).

Medical team

Heads of Department


Heads of Service

  • Dr Sandrine LOUCHART DE LA CHAPELLE (Clinical Gerontology and Memory Centre)
  • Dr Sylvie CHAILLOU (Acute Geriatric Department)

Deputy Heads of Service

  • Dr Stéphanie ROTH COLOMBANI (Clinical Gerontology and Memory Centre)
  • Dr. Hélène MANGEARD LAUGERETTE (Acute Geriatric Department)

Staff physicians

  • Dr Adrian ENICA
  • Dr Corinne FURDERER
  • Dr Marie-Pierre PUTETTO BARBARO
  • Dr Vito CURIALE
  • Dr Déborah COHEN
  • Dr Stéphanie THEVENON

Occasional Practitioners

  • Dr Fiorella AMBROSIO PERROTTA (ophthalmologist)
  • Dr Philippe BARRES
Equipe paramédicale

Senior Healthcare Executive :

  • Mrs Monique LIPRANDI

Healthcare Executives :

  • Mrs Laure KARSENTY (Memory Centre – Mezzanine floor – and Denis Ravera Unit – 1st floor)
  • Mrs Fahima HANNACHE (S.A.F.C) (Long Term Care Unit – 2nd floor)
  • Mrs Elodie TOMASINI (Long Term Care Unit – 3rd floor) (SAFC)
  • Mrs Sylvie DUMEZ (Long Term Care Unit – 4th floor)
  • Mrs Françoise BONDI (Long Term Care Unit – 5th floor)
  • M Mickael MONTBERTRAND  (Aftercare and Rehabilitation Unit – 6th floor)
  • M Sébastien GODINO (Acute Geriatric Department – 7th floor)
Capacity The building has 210 individual private rooms, all dedicated to the care of elderly patients.

> Access

The Rainier III Centre is located at 1 avenue Pasteur in Monaco. It can be accessed via the Centre Hospitalier Princesse Grace.

Public access by car is not permitted in the immediate vicinity of the building. Visitors are strongly advised to arrive by public transport.

The interurban shuttle which serves the Cap Fleuri now stops at the Rainier III Centre. Routes and timetables are available from reception.

> Visits

To ensure patients are able to rest and to enable the units to do their work efficiently, please contact the unit before coming.

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