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Head of Service Dr Valérie BERNARD
Pathologies treated Treatment of patients with functional limitations or disabilities after orthopaedic surgery or traumatology, rheumatological diseases, neurological disorders, respiratory diseases, balance or ambulatory disorders, incontinence, postnatal problems, amputations, cardio-vascular diseases, certain paediatric disorders, etc.
  • The rehabilitation department treats both inpatients in the medical and surgical departments, and outpatients.
  • It provides specialist medical consultations, monitoring and coordination of rehabilitation programmes, posturographic (balance) or isokinetic (muscle strength) assessments, analyses of walking (locomotive assessment) or isokinetic (muscle strength), etc.
  • Paramedical generalist or specialist rehabilitation, with individual treatment. Collective physical rehabilitation sessions are organised for certain pathologies.

The medical and paramedical team offers comprehensive treatment (from diagnosis to on-going therapy), personalised (with individual rehabilitation programmes), covering various disabilities and a wide range of therapeutic techniques: manual therapy, mechanotherapy, electrotherapy and physiotherapy, postural and perineal biofeedback, balneotherapy, respiratory ventilation and clearance, lymphatic drainage, exercise conditioning, use of small devices, optokinetic stimulation, isokinetic exercise, spinal traction…

Medical team

Heads of Service

  • Dr Valérie BERNARD

Deputy Heads of Service

  • Dr Alain ALVADO

Staff Physicians

  • Dr Josiane PREZIOSO
  • Dr Simona ONOFREI

Junior Physician

Paramedical team

Senior Healthcare Executive:

Mrs Bernadette SCHIAZZA

Healthcare Executive :

Mr Jean-Luc ROYER

Information The Department’s technical facilities include:

  • gymnasium (with walking corridors and paths, treadmill, cyclo-ergometers, treatment tables, pulley therapy, supine stander, exercise steps, etc.)
  • assessment room with posturography and isokinetic machines
  • treatment rooms (with massage chairs, wall bars, physiotherapy equipment – ultrasound, stimulating current machine, TENS, ionisation, IR, cryotherapy, ESWT, instrumental lymphatic drainage equipment, mechanotherapy, spinal traction table, etc.)
  • vestibular rehabilitation therapy room
  • respiratory rehabilitation and exercise reconditioning area (with treadmill, cyclo-ergometer, upper limb ergometer, step, specific devices (Percussionnaire ventilator, spirometer, etc.)
  • pelvic-perineal rehabilitation room
  • ergotherapy room and hand and orthosis rehabilitation workshop
  • warm water balneotherapy room.

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