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Head of Service Dr Patrick HASTIER
Pathologies treated Inpatient unit with 29 beds (Head of Service: Dr Patrick Hastier)
Diagnosis and treatment in the following fields:

  • General gastroenterology: Diseases of the oesophagus, stomach, small intestine and colon (IBD, cancer, proctology)
  • Hepatology: Cirrhosis, viral hepatitis, hepatocarcinoma
  • Diseases of the Pancreas and Biliary Ducts: Cancer, acute and chronic pancreatitis
  • Post-therapeutic endoscopy monitoring and care: Polypectomy, fitting of prostheses, sphincterotomy…

Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Sector (Head of Service: Dr Antoine CHARACHON)
Carries out diagnostic and therapeutic exploratory procedures on the gastrointestinal system, including:

  • Endoscopies of the upper digestive tract (gastroscopy, jejunoscopy)
  • Endoscopies of the lower digestive tract (rectoscopy, coloscopy, ileoscopy)
  • Endoscopies of the biliary and pancreatic ducts (endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography)
  • Endoscopic ultrasound of the upper and lower digestive tract
  • Video capsule in the small intestine
  • Oesophageal pH testing
  • Oesophageal manometry
  • Anorectal manometry

Therapeutic interventions and operations:

  • Haemostasis (upper and lower gastrointestinal tract)
  • Sclerosis and ligature of oesophageal varices
  • Stenosis dilations by bougie and/or balloon
  • Polyp removal
  • Mucosectomy
  • Extraction of gallstones or biliary duct or pancreatic stones
  • Fitting of gastrointestinal, biliary and pancreatic prostheses
Activities The Hospital’s Hepato-Gastroenterology Department deals mainly with the following  3 medical priorities:

  • Clearly identified centres of excellence which constitute a flagship activity for the hospital. These centres of excellence are: therapeutic endoscopy, pancreatology, intestinal autoimmune diseases (coaeliac disease and IBD), gastrointestinal oncology, viral and biliary hepatitis and proctology.
  • Proximity-based care, with particular attention to general hepato-gastroenterology activities to satisfy the hospital’s public service mission for the population of the Principality.
  • At the same time, the hospital’s hepato-gastroenterology serves as a basis for a public health-oriented approach: colorectal cancer prevention and screening in the Principality, and nutritional information and education.
Medical team

Heads of Service

  • Dr Patrick HASTIER (Ricoveri)
  • Dr Antoine CHARACHON (Endoscopia digestiva)

Deputy Heads of Service

  • Dr Jean-François DEMARQUAY

Staff Physician

  • Dr Luc DIEZ
  • Dr Dorsa PISHVAIE

Occasional Practitioners

  • Dr Thierry HIGUERO
  • Dr Jean-Luc PEROUX
  • Prof. Thierry PICHE
  • Prof. Albert TRAN
Paramedical team

Senior Healthcare Executive:


Healthcare Executive – Gastrointestinal Endoscopy :


Healthcare Executive – Inpatient treatment :

Mrs Nadège COURTOT

Healthcare Executive – Consultations :

Mrs Magali JANEL

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