Prepare your documents

Reliable identification that can be monitored at each stage of your care helps to ensure that information about you is shared and exchanged in complete security, while guaranteeing the safety and continuity of your treatment. A campaign for vigilance concerning identity has been undertaken in our hospital for this reason.

Therefore, you must produce the following documents:

To confirm your identity : your identity card, carte de séjour (residence permit) or passport.

To enable medical examinations to be carried out :
• your social security card or “Vitale” card or declaration of entitlement (up to date with your social entitlement)
• your attestation or mutual insurance membership card (contributions up to date)
• Your C.M.U. (Couverture Médicale Universelle) (Comprehensive Health Care Cover) certificate (up to date with your social contributions)
• Your certificate of exemption from the patient’s contribution towards medical costs

Depending on your particular situation :
• a declaration of an accident at work provided by your employer
• a maternity booklet or self-adhesive stickers from the “Guide de surveillance Maternité” (Maternity Record Book)
• booklet entitling you to free health care (if you are the beneficiary of Art. L.115 of the Military Invalidity and Victims of War Pensions Code)
• a form provided by your private health insurance and any documents giving evidence of your social rights (such as the guarantee of payment and completed claim form, etc.).


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