MEDICAL SECRETARY Ophtalmology (1st floor) +377 97 98 77 44

Ophtalmology (2nd floor) +377 97 98 77 46

Fax +377 97 98 84 71
Email contact.ophtalmo@chpg.mc (secure document exchanges via the BlueFiles system)
Head of Service Dr Frédéric BETIS
Pathologies treated Disorders and surgery of the eyes and eyelids
Activities This speciality is part of the Surgical Specialties Department, which includes ENT, Ophthalmology, Urology and Gynaecology.

The department provides ophthalmology consultations by appointment, and for emergency cases. Its expertise covers the following areas:

Medical and surgical treatment of vitreoretinal and macular disorders. Age-related macular degeneration (diagnosis, visudyne dynamic phototherapy, anti-VEGF intravitreal injection, haematoma surgery. Low vision assessment and functional rehabilitation). Macular surgery (epimacular membrane, macular hole, etc.). Medical and surgical treatment of diabetic retinopathy. Surgical treatment of detached retina.

Medical and surgical treatment of glaucoma. Screening, diagnosis and monitoring: “Humphrey, Zeiss” and “MétroVision” visual field analysis, papillary analyses and analyses of the retinal nerve fibre by OCT (Stratus, Zeiss) and HRT (Heidelberg), pachymetry, Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty.

Cataract surgery: Modern, cutting edge technique of phacoemulsification, micro-incisions.

Surgery of ocular adnexa: eyelids and lachrymal canal.

Paediatric ophthalmology: Assessment of vision in infants aged 3-4 months, screening and treatment of amblyopia

Diagnosis and rehabilitation of binocular vision disorders

The department has a range of specialist equipment:

  • LaserYag for the eye’s anterior segment (iridotomy, capsulotomy), Argon laser for retinal photocoagulation, retinal laser for dynamic phototherapy, SLT for trabeculoplasty (glaucoma).
  • Visual field analysis, “MétroVision” and “Humphrey, Zeiss”
  • Retinal laser angiography (fluorescein and indocyanine green) combined with tomographic retinal analysis by OCT “Spectralis” (Heidelberg).
  • Retinal and papillary tomography by OCT “Stratus, Zeiss” and latest generation OCT “Spectralis, Heidelberg”
  • Electrophysiology: ERG, EOG, ERP, “MétroVision”
  • Mode A and B ultrasound and anterior segment ultrasound by UBM.
  • Endothelial cell count by specular microscopy
Medical team

Head of Service

  • Dr Frédéric BETIS

Deputy Heads of Service

  • Dr Florence GASTAUD-NEGRE

Deputy Physician

  • Dr Jean-Marc RISS

Staff Physician


Occasional Practitioners

  • Dr Philippe BERROS
  • Dr Liliane LASSERRE
Paramedical team

Senior Healthcare Executive:

  • Mr David CAGNARD

Healthcare Executives :

  • Mrs Mathilde VIDAL (S.A.F.C)
  • Mrs Marta VALADES (inpatient unit)
  • Mrs Caroline PESSON (S.A.F.C) (operating theatre)
  • Operating theatre
  • Consultations and outpatient care department
  • Outpatient surgery department
  • Inpatient surgery department

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