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Fax +377 97 98 95 19

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Head of Service Pr Patrick ROSSIGNOL
Pathologies treated Pathologies of the central and peripheral nervous system:

– Migraines

– Cerebral vascular pathologies (stroke, TIAs)

– Fainting and loss of consciousness

– Neurodegenerative pathologies (Parkinson’s and similar diseases)

– Multiple sclerosis and inflammatory diseases

– Epilepsy

– Neurological pain (facial neuralgia, cervicobrachial neuraglia, sciatica, other neuralgias).

– Peripheral neuropathies and sensory or motor disorders of the limbs.

Consultations Consultations:

> Monday morning (9.30am-12.30pm)

> Tuesday afternoon (2pm-5pm)

> Wednesday morning (9.30am-12.30pm)

> Thursday afternoon (2pm-5pm)

Activities – Public and private consultations

– Electromyogram (EMG)

Medical team

Deputy Head of Service

  • Dr Bertrand MERCIER

Staff Physician

  • Dr Nicolas CAPET
Paramedical team

Healthcare Executive :

  • Mrs Magali JANEL

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