MEDICAL SECRETARY +377 97 98 97 39 (reception)
Fax +377 97 98 97 49
Email (secure document exchanges via the BlueFiles system)
OPENING HOURS The CHPG pharmacy is for internal use only and dispenses exclusively to patients of the hospital, except for certain medicines which may be sold directly to the public.

Opening time for public sales: Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

Head of Service Dr Catherine CUCCHI
fax: +377 97 98 97 50
Activities The Hospital Pharmacy (known internally as the “PUI”) procures, stocks and dispenses medicines, ensuring the security of the medication circuit, and managing the circulation of sterile and implantable medical devices intended for patients.
The medication circuit is computerised and all prescriptions are validated in the system, allowing medicines to be dispensed to individual patients by computer on a daily basis (or tri-weekly in the case of long hospital stays).
The Pharmacy also manages the central sterilisation service, which handles the medical devices used by the operating theatres and hospital departments.
What the unit does
  • Manages, procures, stocks and dispenses approved medicines or medicines listed in national care guidelines.
  • Manages, procures and ensures traceability of sterile and implantable medical devices.
  • Manages and dispenses medical gases.

Its ancillary roles are:

  • Managing, preparing, dispensing and ensuring traceability of cytostatic medicines in a specialist unit known as the “Cytostatic Reconstitution Unit”,
  • Issuing members of the public with special medicines referred to as being “hospital reserved” (a list of medicines reserved for hospital use and which may be prescribed to patients leaving hospital),
  • Issuing medicines (listed in national care guidelines) to eligible persons and medical personnel
  • Managing and monitoring clinical trials in accordance with clinical best practice.
  • Managing Central Sterilisation.


Its cross-disciplinary roles are:

  • Participating in institutional working groups (CLI, CLUD, CLAN, Antibiology) and training State Registered Nurses (I.F.S.I.),
  • Preparing medicines and medical equipment for emergency plans and events organised in the Principality.
Medical team

Head of Service

  • Dr Catherine CUCCHI

Deputy Head of Service


Staff Physicians

  • Dr Frédéric DUBOUE
  • Dr Marie-Claude LEANDRI
  • Dr Pascal LEGERET
Paramedical team

Senior Healthcare Executive :

    • Mrs Bernadette SCHIAZZA

Healthcare Executive :

    • Mr Jérémy GIL
Information The Pharmacy does not dispense medicines which can be purchased in private dispensing pharmacies. Patients leaving hospital with a prescription should ask the hospital department or Pharmacy for advice on which specific medicines are exclusively dispensed by the Hospital Pharmacy.
The Hospital Pharmacists will answer any questions about your treatment, follow-up, and your medications (posology, side effects, etc.).

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